5 Best Goat Breeds in Bangladesh For Farming

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Goat farming is very common in Bangladesh for the villagers. But which are the best goat breeds in Bangladesh is totally unknown to the Bangladeshi people.  Form before very few yours goat farming has been considering an economically important sector in Bangladesh.  But, it fortunate to us that Bangladeshi people are now aware of the beat goat breeds in Bangladesh, they now know and try to know the best goat breeds in Bangladesh for commercial goat farming. In this article, we will try to describe the top 5 goat breeds in Bangladesh for commercial farming, and it will help them to choose the best breeds for their commercial goat farming.

It has been considered as a poor man’s cow due to its immense contribution to the poor man’s economy. It supplies both nutritious, digestible milk but also a regular source of additional income for poor and landless or marginal farmers. Being small-sized livestock, goats can easily be managed by women or any one of the respective family. Feeding, milking, and care for goats don’t require much equipment and diligence. Generally, goat farming is easy to raise like pig farming. Some time goat farming can operate in an integrated farming system or mixed farming system.

Starting goat farming requires comparatively less capital investment than cow farming, and feeding costs also are quite low. The role of girls in goat keeping is extremely significant within the rural families of Bangladesh and goat is that the most vital means through which rural women are ready to contribute meaningfully to the cash needs for his or her relations. Moreover, goat rearing is that the most useful way of girls earning those that occupy the home. There’s an in-depth relationship between the status of girls and therefore the socio-economic development of any country. To make sure a balanced socio-economic development of the country and to improve the status of girls may be a precondition.

The economic importance of goat farming in Bangladesh is also significant. Along with fish farming (aquaculture) and poultry farming, goat farming is getting popular in Bangladesh in recent years.   The contribution of the livestock sector to overall GDP was 1.85% for 2018-19 were, the share of livestock in total agricultural GDP was 14.21 (DLS, 2018).

Bangladesh is now also famous for world-class skin exporting. Every year about 20 million square feet of skins and skin obtained from the Black Bengal (Kustia Grade) goats are of excellent quality, which contributes greatly to Bangladesh’s economy.  

There are about 200 goat breeds are seen in the entire world. Most of them are found in Asia, Asia-minor area. Indian sub-continent is also famous for goat farming. Along with Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India, Pakistan is also playing an important role in goat farming. Among these countries, Pakistani goat breeds are more enriched, having more than 35 indigenous goat breeds,

Here we discuss the best goat breeds in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the goat population is about 26 million in 2018-19 (BBS, 2019) of which about 85% are Black Bengal goats. The rest 15% are comprised of Jamunapari, Boar, Beetal (Exotic breed), and different crossbred goats, so we mainly tried here to describe the five best goat breeds in Bangladesh for commercial farming.  

5 Best Goat Breeds in Bangladesh

goat breeds in Bangladesh
Boat Breeds in Bangladesh

1. Black Bengal

Bangladesh has just one indigenous goat breed, referred to as the Black Bengal. About 85% of the goat population in Bangladesh comprises Black Bengal, though they have some differences in coat color and size. Most of the Black Bengal goat bears black hair coats, but they also carry white, brown, black and white, white and brown coat colors.

Black Bengal Goat Breed
Black Bengal

It’s soft, glossy short hair. Their legs are comparatively short with a straight back and a beard is found in both sexes as well. The male’s horns are curved, backward but in female, it’s upward or straight and thinner compared to male. The mature weight of buck is about 25-30 kg and doe is 20-25 kg.

2. Jamunapari

This breed is mainly originated in India. But it is also found in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bhutan. Its name probably comes from the river Yamuna (Jamuna), where it had been farming. This breed is also found throughout the country but more concentration is found in the western and northern parts of Bangladesh, the district that is adjacent to the Indian border.

Jamunapari Goat Breed
Jumunapari Goat Breed

The number of this breed is not known but it has been estimated that about 8-9% of goats are Jumunapari. This goat breed is mainly popular for its heavier size.  It also famous for more milk production compared to the Black Bengal goat. The weight of adult buck and does are varies from 50-70 kg and 40-50 kg, respectively.

3. Boar

Boer is one of the best goat breeds in Bangladesh for commercial goat farmers. This goat breed is mainly considered for its skin production and it is also the most desirable goat breeds for meat production. It has fame and gained worldwide recognition for excellent body conformation, fastest-growing rate, and good carcass quality. Its popularity has increased as a meat-type goat breed during the last decade in Australia, New Zealand, and later in North America and other parts of the world.

Boer Goat Breed
Boer Goat Breed

Considering the increased demand for meat and milk Boer goat was introduced in Bangladesh in 2012 from Malaysia. Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI) studied different aspects (Breeding, feeding, and management) of Boer goat rearing in Bangladesh and suggest that this breed is suitable for Bangladeshi conditions. Now, its population is increasing rapidly day by day.

4. Beetal (Exotic Breed)

The breed originates from the Gurdaspur and Amritsar district of Punjab, India. It is a dual-purpose breed. The breed is large and good dairy type. Coat color is variable, predominantly black (about 90%) or brown (10%) having spots of different sizes. The ears are long-flat, curled, and drooping. Both males and females have thick, medium sizes according to age.

They have thick, medium-sized horns for both males and females. It mainly carries horizontally with a slight twist directed along with backward and upward also. They have a Roman nose. Male possesses marked beard and females are beardless. The tail is small and thin. Live body weight of doe 45-55 kg and buck 70-80 kg. Milk yield 1.4-2.5 lit/day, length of lactation 170-210 days, and kidding rate 1.4 kids/litter.

5. Crossbred Goats

Some crossbred goat means hybrid, which is also found in Bangladesh. People generally think that the hybrid or crossbred of anything is more productive than any other in the same breeds. They are mainly crossbred is Black Bengal x Jumunapari. Currently, some other crosses are also found in the country. Bucks of some other exotic breeds are being imported (mainly illegal trade) from India and used for cross-breeding, especially in Bangladesh’s southwestern region. Although, the national livestock development policy, 2007 does not support any cross-breeding with Black-Bengal goat.

In Bangladesh, the main five goat breeds are farmed commercially. But Bangladesh needs higher productive goat breeds for commercial goat farming in the future.

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