Best 10 Profitable Carp Fish Farming Business Ideas

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Do you want to start a carp fish farming business with small investment? Then you have to find out which carp fish farming business is more profitable? And which carp fish farming is easier and you will get fit back early time. Here we shall discuss the top 10 carp fish species which are easy to farm in your locality.

Carp Fish Farming Business

Carp fish farming business commercially chances for your ready character reference to all. The economic importance of aquaculture or fish farming at present it can’t be described in a word. These are various kinds of oily food of the Cyprinidae, a very large group of fish indigenous to Europe and as well Asia as. You will find several domestic carp fishes as fish. These are vet tasty. The rearing of carp fish is simple.

Additionally, carp fishes can survive with an honest range of environment and water quality. Generally, you will find both domestic and foreign carp fishes for human consumption. Carp fishes don’t fight about food. They stay at several water levels and eat the food at varying levels. Therefore, it allows you to go for mixed farming which is better and sustainable. You’ll keep different carp fish stocks during the same pond or reservoir.

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1. Ctenopharyngodon Idella or Grass Carp

It is one of the fastest-growing fishes in the world. Grass carp is mainly farmed to clean the earthen pond culture as it is called the natural waste disposal unite of a pond. But by the time it has become popular seafood for people. Grass carp could also be native Chinese seafood. The fish is popular as white Amur within us. It inhabits lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. It is an herbivorous fish that naturally feeds on certain aquatic weeds.

Flowing water and changes in water level are essential environmental stimuli for natural spawning or proper growth of grass carp fish farming. The fish can reach sexual maturity under culture conditions, but cannot spawn naturally. From the table, you can see that world production has been increasing year by year and the total share percentage is 10.5% in world freshwater fish.

2. Hypophthalmichthys  Molitrix or Silver Carp

Silver is the fastest-growing fish in the world. It is mainly farming in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.  Silver Carp is that a very suitable fish breed for commercial carp fish farming business and grow in no time. Additionally, this is often seafood. It’s extremely suitable fish for poly-culture with other carp fish. It’s generally a fish of Southeast Asia.

However, lately, you will find this fish throughout the earth. Silver carp fish lives within the upper level of water. Generally, they eat feed from the upper water level. The table shows that its production is also has been increasing very fast. The total percentage share is about 9% in 2018.

3. Cyprinus carpio Or Common Carp

Common carp is another fish species for the carp fish farming business commercially. The common carp, European carp, is a far-flung freshwater fish of eutrophication waters in lakes and large rivers in Europe and Asia. The average lifespan is 20 years but it becomes maturity in 2 to 3 years. In the case of a business, it becomes marketable in 8 to 11 months and body weight becomes 2 to 3.5 kg.

At the same time, these fishes are very appropriate for farming with other species of carp fish in the pond. You will find several breeds of common carp. Among them, Cyprinus carpio and Carpio are the hottest breeds. It is also proved that its production is increasing day by day. The total share in the world percentage is about 7.7%.

4. Hypophthalmichthys Nobilis or Bighead Carp

The bighead carp features an outsized, scaleless head, an outsized mouth, and eyes located very low on the highest. The fish features an in no time rate of growth. Hence, the fish is appropriate for commercial aquaculture. Variety of the most bighead carp producing countries are China, Taiwan Province of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Nepal, Malaysia, the USA, and Myanmar.

It is one of the most intensively exploited fishes for carp fish farming business and its annual worldwide production of over three million tonnes in 2013, principally from China. Even in 2018, its world production is 3 143.7 thousand tonnes.

5. Catla Carp or Katla

Catla, Or Katla Katla grows in no time. The taste of Katla is delicious. Additionally, it’s an appropriate fish breed for farming during a freshwater pond. Katla fish is extremely hardy and grows faster compared to other fish species. The fish is popular within the Asia Pacific countries. So, commercial carp fish farming business especially Katla fish farming is extremely profitable for both small and large-scale farmers. It is indigenous to rivers and lakes in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan, but has also been introduced else in South Asia.

6.  Carassius (Crucian carps)

The crucian carp is a wide-eyed diffused European species, its lay out spanning from England to Russia. It is seen as far north as the Arctic Zone in the Scandinavian areas, and as far south as central France and the region of the Black Sea.Its habitat includes lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers.

It has been established that the fish is native to England and not introduced. As a carp fish farming business, it is a good species. Typically it is medium body length which is 15 centimeters or 5.9 inches. It rarely exceeds in weight over 2 kilograms.

7. Labeo Rohita or the Rohu (Rui)

Rohu is commonly known as Rui in the Indian sub-continent. It one of the most popular fish species for carp fish farming businesses in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Asia Pacific regions including Thailand, Vietnam. Among the species of carp fish, the appreciation of Rui fish is high for its extremely tasty and delicious. Commonly, rohu reaches physical maturity at the age of three years. Generally, you’ll start harvesting when a fish gets the load up to 500 to 700 gms. However, the fish with a weight of 1 to 2 kg has a massive demand within the market. So if you want to be a successfull fish farming businessman then you can start to Rui carp fish farming business.

8.  Black Carp

The Black Carp fish is a species of cyprinid fish and is the sole species of the genus Mylopharyngodon. It is also known by some other names such as black Chinese roach, snail carp, Chinese roach, black amur, and Chinese black carp. It is native to lakes and rivers in East Asia, ranging from the Amur Basin, through China to Vietnam. The fish is widely cultivated for food and also for Chinese medicine.

9. Cirrhinus Cirrhosis, Or Mrigal

 This is another popular carp fish within the Asian countries. Their body is bilaterally symmetric and aerodynamic. The depth is about equal to the length of the head. Their body is encompassed with cyclical scales, and there are no scales on their head. They have guttural consonant teeth in 3 rows 5.4.2/2.4.5 pattern; lower jaw with a small post- symphytically knob or tuberosity.

The Pectoral, peltry, and anal fins with 15 to19, 9, and 8 cushy rays severally. The caudal fin is homocentric and deeply fork-like. India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines are the most Mrigal growing countries. Usually, Mrigal fishes gain maturity at their 2 years aged.

10.  Labeo Calbasu or Orange-Fin Labeo or Kalibaus

Kalibaus could also be a tasty, delicious, and nutritious fish for human consumption. You will find the distribution is that countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and South Western China. It is a crucial carp species next to the three Indian major carps. This species attains a maximum length of 90.0 cm and a maximum weight of 25 kg.

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