Best Goat Breeds in Bhutan

5 Best Goat Breeds in Bhutan For Farming

Bhutan, the name comes with happiness, is traditionally rich in livestock farming. Along with cow farming the Bhutanese practice fish farming using modern aquaculture knowledge such as biofloc farming method. To use a huge natural greenfield or pasture people here mainly continue their farm in open space or open farming method. They usually send their…

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Best Goat Breeds In Nepal

10 Best Goat Breeds In Nepal For Farming

Nepal, most probably a well-known country for Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, but very few people know about livestock farming in Nepal. From the very begging of Nepalese history goat farming completely related to Nepal and its people’s life. This area mostly North India, Nepal, Tibetan, and Mongolian people are mostly dependent on livestock…

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