List of Saltwater Fish Species

Saltwater Fish Species
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Saltwater fish, also called marine fish, are fish that live in ocean water, coastal areas, and in the rivers with saltwater. Generally, saltwater fish can swim and live alone or in a large group. Thoughsaltwater fish are very commonly kept in aquariums for entertainment, but it plays a great economic value too. Many saltwater fish are also caught to be eaten.

Saltwater fishes are a multi-million dollar industry in many countries, such as the U.S.A., Japan, China, Norway, and many other countries.  About 10 million marine fish are imported into the United States each year for aquarium use. The United States imports more saltwater fish than any other country in the world.

Saltwater Fish Species
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There are many saltwater fish species available, and many of them are cultured in the coastal area for commercial fish business.  Among those species, the general name and scientific name of some important fish species are listed below.

List of Some Saltwater Fish Species

General NameScientific Name
African pompanoAlectis ciliaris
Banded rudderfishSeriola zonata
BhetkiLates calcarifer
Bombay duckHarpodon nehereus
Blacknose sharkCarcharhinus acronotus
Blue runnerCaranx crysos
DogfishScoliodon sorrakowah
Gafftopsail catfishBagre marinus
Gray triggerfishBalistes capriscus
Gray (mangrove) snapperLutjanus griseus
Green tiger shrimpPenaeus semisulcatus
Hilsa (Ilish)Hilsa ilisha
Horina chingriMetapenaeus monoceros
Indian white shrimpPenaeus Indicus
LakhaPolynemus Indicus
LalpoaJohnius argentatus
PrawnPenaeus monodon
Ribbon fishTrichiurus haumela
RupchandaPampus chinensis
ScampMycteroperca phenax
TunaThunnus obesus
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